Something Splendid: September Beach Outing

A girl splashes in shallow waves at the beach.

I want to try something new here – once a week, usually on Sundays, I’ll post a picture that makes me happy. I’ll call these “something splendid” posts. Some pictures will be recent, some will be older. I’m hoping to share a recent photo at least once a month, because I hope this practice will encourage me to get out and enjoy my city more. But I also like remembering past outings and trips, so I’ll share older photos, too. Under each photo, I’ll write a few sentences about why I chose it, and I’ll list where and when the photo was taken.

So, first up: a photo from a walk on the beach I took yesterday. That’s my nine-year-old frolicking in the waves. We’ve done this once before, and we’re two-for-two on it being a wonderful outing. She wears her suit and plays in the waves while we walk along the beach. She gets her water time, I get my beach walk, and we’re both happy. September and early October may be the best times to go to the beach here: It is still warm and sunny, but we aren’t in either our summer or winter tourist season, so you can park near the beach even if you go in the afternoon. It makes for a low hassle, relaxing beach visit.

Where: Pacific Beach, San Diego, California
When: Sept 21, 2019

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