About Me and This Site

Hi! I am a 40-something with two kids, a husband, and itchy feet. Rabbits are my favorite animal, hence “Restless Rabbit.” I work in scientific software. I also run a tiny publishing company and occasionally write children’s books, which even more occasionally get published.

I introduced the site a bit in my Hello, World post. I may come back and write more about the site at some point – if you have any specific questions, let me know. I’ll post about trips going back into my 30s. Before that, I doubt I have decent photos and/or reliable memories… but you never know. Some trips will be with the kids, some without. The tags will let you know.

This site is about my explorations. It is not a guidebook. I make no attempt to be comprehensive in scoping out lodging, dining, or activity options in the places I visit. I make no guarantees about anything I write about, other than that I’m writing my honest opinions and recollections. Some of the links in the Recommendations section may be referral links. If those bring in enough money to offset the cost of hosting the site, I’ll be thrilled (and more than a little surprised). 

I’ve left comments open because I like chatting with the people who read what I write. I’ll try to keep on top of the inevitable spam. I ask that commenters be respectful to me and each other, and stay roughly on topic. I reserve the right to delete any comments I don’t want to host on my site.